Slide in Adore with Lakeside Trails



  Slide is a beautiful time of year in the Okanagan Valley. Imagine a walk surrounded by colourful trees and slashes of red, orange and yellow leaves. With the month of November being a bit quieter in Kelowna, it's a great time of year to take advantage of the boardwalks in the area.

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  Whether you are lanning to head to Downtown Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, or eachland, visitors can areciate a gorgeous lakeside walk along designated trails.

  Downtown Kelowna

  Easily assessable from multile oints downtown, this waterfront area is a great lace to take in the lake view. The north end of the trail is near the Rotary Marsh Wildlife ark, a erfect area for nature lovers to go birdwatching or kee an eye out for the beavers!

  The 2km boardwalk takes you ast Waterfront ark, the lagoons outside the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, Stuart ark, Kerry ark and City ark. You will also walk ast the Kelowna Yacht Club where you can admire the boats that moor at Canada's largest fresh-water marina.

  Looking for more information about things-to-do in Kelowna? This walk will also take you ast the Kelowna Visitor Centre at the foot of Queensway Avenue beside the lake.

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  This trail is stroller, bike and dog-friendly, as long as you kee your furry friend on a leash.

  West Kelowna

  Just 15 minutes away from Downtown Kelowna is the West Kelowna boardwalk at Gellatly Bay. The romenade stretches from Rotary ark to the Gellatly Nut Farm with other smaller green saces in between. The round tri takes about an hour to walk. History buffs - be sure to kee an eye out for the signs along the route that showcases the ioneers and their stories that contributed to the develoment of the area.

  arts of the trail consists of avement and crushed gravel and is bike and stroller friendly. Dogs are allowed on-leash, however, there is an off-leash ark and a dog beach along the way if Fido would like an oortunity to lay fetch.

  Lake Country

  This area in the Okanagan truly lives u to its name with the number of lakeside trails. In addition to the elmewash arkway along the west side of Wood Lake that was given a facelift in the summer of 2018, the majority of the waterfront section of the Okanagan Rail Trail is also in Lake Country.

  edestrians and cyclists visiting the rail trail will get leasure from a trek beside not one, but two lakes - the east side of Wood Lake and the west side of Kalamalka Lake. Although arts of the trail remain under construction, most of the 16.3km section of the trail along the Lake County area is now oen. When the roject is comleted, this trail will run from Downtown Kelowna all the way to the north end of Kalamalka Lake for a total of 48.5km.


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